Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day (x4)

I never thought I'd live to see the FOURTH day OSU closed its campus! Unreal. When I was in college, I can barely remember school being cancelled for one snow day. And even more surprising is that the Foundation closed three of those four days too! This means I got some extra special days with my men.

Okay, please don't judge, but I let Henry go out in the snow today...ear infection and all. He LOVED it...he'd been itching to get out and enjoy the powder since 7 AM. At 4 PM, I finally caved. Grandmas - He had two layers of EVERYTHING on...promise.

Neighbor Pete let us borrow his sled!

Taking a breather on the curb

With the Thompson's snowman

After I coaxed Henry inside, he was able to sneak out the back door and had his tractor in hand before I could catch up...and so, the second 10 minute warning was given and the dead bolts to all other doors were locked.

Plowing the way for John Deere

A casualty

Surveying the scene

And when we weren't playing in the snow, I was busy making Sam sweet potatoes and apples for the following week. Yum, yum!


Chop, Chop!

Let the steaming begin

And like magic...ta-da!


Candice @ ChiaSeedMe said...

Henry looks so cute in these snow pictures - good choice letting him go clearly was worth the risk! His little cheeks are so red. Adorable!

When you said you made sweet potatoes I thought you meant for you! I am so excited for you! I plan to make my own baby food (someday:) and I've seen and heard a lot about the babycook. Are you making all of Sam's food now? I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it! Next thing I know you'll be cloth diapering;)

Michal said...

Yes, making all of Sam's food so far...we'll see how long it lasts, but so far, so good. It actually takes no time at all and is the best thing for him. It's a win, win. Don't hold your breath on the cloth diapers...that's a bit beyond me. Not sure I'd have the patience or stomach for that challenge. :)

Leesa said...

so cute! boys need to play in the snow even if it is just for a little bit!

elle's mom said...

i loved making elle's baby food - every bit of it! the boys are so darn cute!