Friday, February 4, 2011


I slept a total of one hour last night, and I'm up at 5 am the following morning?! So, you may be asking, "What is on her mind at 5 am?!"

1) Henry needs a hair cut
2) I can't believe so many schools are still closed since the snow hit
3) I wish we were closed again today
4) Thinking of Ashlee and her precious baby boy, Asher, who was born yesterday...only seven pushes! You're a stud, Ashlee!!
5) Wondering when Lowe's will call to let us know that our new tile is happy we are FINALLY replacing our kitchen floor
6) Thinking of all the other things we need to do before we sell our home and begin our hunt for more square footage
7) I need to complete mid-year evaluations today...thankful to work with such a wonderful group of people...they make evaluations easy, even enjoyable
8) Thinking about Grandmother was her birthday yesterday. Henry called to play her Happy Birthday on his drum set she and Papa Bo bought him for Christmas...most days I keep it hidden in the closet
9) I've got 20 minutes before Sam should begin stirring...better down a granola bar now if I want to eat breakfast
10) I REALLY need to start training for my marathon relay on May 1...although my leg of the race is only 3.5 miles, it's been years since I last ran...praying the relay will help motivate me to make running a part of my daily routine again
11) Glad I don't have to cook tonight
12) Wow, 19 degrees...that's warmer than it's been in several days!
13) So much to digest since Christmas...praying for discernment and God's direction

Last week was the ten year anniversary of the OSU men's basketball plane crash. It was a somber night in Gallager Iba. Believe it or not, we actually enjoyed our view from the nose bleed section...with the exception of the hike up 30+ concrete steps with two heavy kiddos and an overstuffed diaper bag.

Henry LOVES his popcorn! A small bag of popcorn seriously occupies him for the entire game. (Angels rejoice)

It wasn't Sam's first OSU men's basketball game, but I'm quite certain it could have been his most enjoyable. He was content as could be just smiling and bouncing on my knee the entire game.

It was the fullest I've seen GIA in a long time. Possibly since I was in school. And it brought back a lot of memories surrounding the 2000-01 season.

I found one of the easiest and most fun ways to spend our snow days was in the bath tub. The boys enjoyed at least two "swims" each day...and soaked and splashed until they turned to prunes. They even talked mommy into getting out the bubble machine!

Like I said before, Henry needs a hair cut...good gracious...I swear it looks less like a mullet when it's dry!


Enjoying our last snow evening together sprawled out on the living room floor. Sam with his bat, and Henry with his drums.

For all you brave souls, click HERE to hear Henry live! Sounds just like Bon Jovi, yes?!

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A. Grell said...

Balen LOVED your drummer!!!! We watched it a few times! :)