Sunday, February 13, 2011

GG Shirley

Henry and Sam's great grandmother Shirley was in OKC for the weekend, which was a real treat since she spends half the year in Arizona and we usually don't get to see her until late April/early May. The boys enjoyed their time catching up.

I remember when I use to be able to touch my toes like this

Who has ornery written all over him?

Both Henry and Sam got a special Valentine from great grandmother Shirley - a $2 bill! My late grandpa, Paul, and grandmother Shirley used to send a $2 bill in every birthday, Valentine, Christmas card they sent. I've saved every one.

Apparently, Henry thought it would make a nice hat

Yes, they're already hitting and wrestling with each other...Sam is going to be one tough cookie! Little does Henry know that Sam will likely outgrow him in a couple of years...make that months...and will soon seek revenge.

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