Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another milestone

Can it be possible that Sam is already 8 months old?! My how time continues to fly.

Some of the things Sam loves to do at 8 months include:

1) Sitting tall and proud, like a "big boy" as Henry would say
2) Watching his big brother like a hawk
3) Splashing in the tub...again, with big brother
4) Snuggling with mommy. I call Sam my "snuggle bug"...he LOVES to cuddle. And I can't think of anything better
5) Puffs - he's learning to feed himself and actually can insert puff into mouth about 50% of the time
6) Grinning...he doesn't laugh as much as Henry did at this age, but he's always smiling
7) Rolling. Sam can roll from one side of the living room to the other
8) Puppies and kittens. Sam goes nuts anytime he gets within arms reach of a live animal
9) Apples and pears - his favorite purees

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