Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chillaxin on a Sunday afternoon

Only in Oklahoma can you have back-to-back winter snow storms and then a bout of 70+ degree weather. The last week has been AMAZING and we've taken every opportunity to enjoy it. The back door to our kitchen has been permanently open this week, Henry has jumped in every pile of leaves in our backyard, and Sam experienced his first ride in the red wagon. It's been a good week.

This afternoon after church, the boys (all three of them) and I enjoyed some time together in the backyard. When he wasn't busy burying his Mickey Mouse characters, Henry helped (sort of) daddy bag leaves, while Sam and I played on the back patio. Forgive me for inundating you, but Sam was in a particularly smiley mood and I had a hard time narrowing down my pictures. Good thing all I have is a small point-and-shoot camera...right now I'm saving my pennies for a nice fancy camera. When I finally have enough dough saved up for my new camera, and start taking pictures with it, then you'll really be in trouble!

Henry was beginning to feel a little left out, so he took it upon himself to climb into the laundry basket too.

Poor Sam...he's starting to feel a bit scrunched

Can you tell he's excited when big brother finally decides to get out?!

Taking a breather in the leaves

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Billie DeBoard said...

Never apologize for posting your boys' pics. I love keeping up with them. They are precious!