Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pajama Party Christmas

After spending precious time with Sid and Marcia, Wade and I took our two whippersnappers to Blackwell to spend the remainder of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Papa and Grandma Ward. And Uncle Omar, Aunt Ann, and Cousin Molly. Oh, Cousin Molly. How Henry loves you...and all the rest of us too.

In Cushing, Marcia surprised the family with a Kindle Fire. (Thank you, Marcia!) And boy is it flaming hot! We are all in love. Especially the men in my life...who are ADDICTED to Angry Birds. Sam, who is only two, already has it mastered and enjoyed teaching Omar his tricks. 

Henry planted himself on Grandma's lap to work on his slingshot technique.
Don't let his dimple fool you, he can really be quite mean.
Christmas morning...Henry was over the moon excited to discover what Santa brought
He got his dragon
And Sam, his dinosaur and groceries
And Rock'em Sock'em Robots...believe it or not, Henry came up with this request all on his own.
After breaking in the critters, groceries and robots, it was time to delve into the stockings
Sam wasn't quite ready for stockings...he was still having way to much fun growling and imagining he was akin to his dinosaur
Although, once he came to undestand there may be candy planted deep inside his stocking, he quickly changed his mind. Mmmm...more groceries!
Rock'em Sock'em!
Baby Molly must have been a good girl too. Santa showered her with new books, bath toys and a pink piggy.
We're not sure if she enjoyed the pig or the tag more?
Grandma and Papa surprised the boys with their first (notice I said "first") basketball goal. Was it cruel to have been relieved that we couldn't fit it inside our car to bring home? If we had brought it home, it would likely have taken the place of my coffee least for the first few weeks that followed. As it stands, I now have time to make a spot for it in the playroom or better yet, the garage. 
As far as gifts go, Cousin Molly outdid herself. Truly. The boys are already hard at work on your new doll house, Molly.
Because a boy can never have too many dinosaurs
Or Disney
Assisting Molly with her gifts
A carpet picnic in the piano room
Molly and Henry were inseperable. Everywhere Molly crawled, Henry ran. And everywhere Henry ran, Molly crawled.
Poor Sam was like the middle child. Picnicing on his own and careful to squeal anytime he felt he was being neglected with too little attention.
Lucky for us, Sam still naps. And even luckier for us. So does Papa. What they don't know while napping, can't hurt them.
We all love to hear Grandma play. After eight years of lessons myself, I had hoped to be able to play at least half as well. But alas, I sadly have little to show for my eight years.
Distracted with his balloon. Or perhaps working on his lungs...preparing to sing alongside Grandma.
La, la, la, la...
Or, perhaps not
Move over Beethoven
On December 25, the boys woke to a white Christmas (okay, a white dusting), and that night, they bid Christmas farewell...wearing the same pajamas they had started the day in. It was a good day.

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