Friday, January 4, 2013

Let the Good Times Roll

Christmas Eve morn with Papaw and Mamaw Shaw
Notice Sam's look of frustration...and that bottom jaw...darn wrapping paper

And his brow just became increasingly furrowed

While Sam continued working on the wrapping paper and tape, Henry begged me to assemble Hungry Hungry Hippos. We had to play several rounds before Henry would open a second gift.

 Finally, Sam reached the Jumbo Farm Animals

Gift Numero Dos. The castle Henry had been eyeballing at Wal-Mart for the past six months. Thank you, Mamaw and Papaw. The grin still hasn't left his face.

And while the blue knights defended Camelot, Sam rearranged tree ornaments

Henry was careful to thank his Mamaw multiple times for her generosity...and her love

The next series of pictures explains perfectly, the challenge of photographing two toddlers simultaneously

I love Sid's expression here. Can you tell he's given up?

After finally throwing in the picture towel


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