Friday, August 24, 2012

The Dinosaur Museum

Before we high-tailed it to the mountains, we gallivanted to Norman to visit Ann, Omar, and Molly (of course). Henry and Sam ADORE Molly. They pepper her with kisses and want to be within eye-shot of her at all times. It's a good thing for Molly that she doesn't share towns or schools with the boys. They'd be watching her every move.

Even diapering is exciting when it involves Molly.

Bewildered with all the attention

Wrestling over who gets to snuggle with Molly next.

Henry's smug expression tells me that he thinks he's won the battle...but I wonder, what will he do when Sam outweighs him someday? Paybacks are, well, you know...

She needed a pacifier to take the edge off

To give poor Molly a break from her cousins, we took the boys to the "Dinosaur Museum" (aka. the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History).

I think he saw Sharptooth!

Dinosaurs clearly aren't Molly's thing...that, or she was plain pooped after being loved on at home for several hours by two crazy boys.

Just chillin'...checkin out the dinos. When no one's watching, they're like two peas in a pod.

On a point

At least we know this one didn't die hungry

No, not a Yellowstone picture...this Tatonka was fully stuffed and mounted with other prehistoric creatures in Norman.

The Dinosaur Museum was definitely a haven for testosterone

And of course, to leave the museum, you must walk the drooling children past the gift shop...where every new and exciting dinosaur they've just seen with their naked eye is staring at them through the plate glass window saying "pick me", "pick me". So what did we do? We succumbed to the pressure and let each of the boys pick a new plastic pet. Somehow, after picking his first choice, Henry talked Sam into picking his second choice. And of course, Sam thinks whatever Henry picks out MUST be the very best.

Showing off his new friends to Molly

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