Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day of School

Henry, who also answers to "Puss in Boots", started PreK today. He's growing up too fast!

PreK Favorites
Book - Sam and the Firefly, and all other Dr. Seuss books
Toy - Dinosaurs
Food - Macaroni and Cheese
Candy - M&M's or brownies (if those count)
Activity - Playing "swords" with Sam and pretending to be Puss in Boots. Henry also has an incredible imagination and enjoys pretend play with all of his animals.
TV Show - Anything and everything 'Land Before Time'
Movie - Puss in Boots & The Lorax

Following in big brother's foot steps, Sam started Preschool II.

Preschool II Favorites
Book - Jesus Loves Me
Toy - Toy Story figures
Food - Spaghetti
Candy - Sam would sacrifice candy any day for a stick of mozzarella or bowl full of grapes
Activity - Swinging and playing on his fort, and wrestling with his brother
TV Show - Mickey Mouse
Movie - Toy Story I, II and III

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