Saturday, January 7, 2012

We heart the CDL

Sam's teachers surprised us with a Christmas gift - a CD full of pictures from the fall. Clearly, Sam loves going to "school" and has a wonderful time with his teachers and new friends. We couldn't be more pleased with the wonderful care both Sam and Henry receive from 8 to 5. It makes going to work a lot easier for this momma.

It's no wonder our Sam is the music man. It seems he gets lots of musical stimuli. Yay!

Listening to the guitar and playing along with his bells. (Notice all the orange...Game Day was Saturday. Go Pokes!)

Another day and more guitar.

Stomping the drum.

Mommy isn't even sure what this instrument is, but it sure looks fun!

Sam with Ms. Rachel

Going for a stroll around Theta Pond

Making his homemade "shaker"...or at least that's what we've been calling it. Sam loves to shake it, along with his booty, to the Mickey Mouse theme song.

Silly Sam

Our little artist, a talent he must get from his Great Grandmother Shirley.

All of Sam's teachers (and even other parents!) have commented about Sam's appetite. Needless to say, it's a very, um, healthy appetite.

Working on shapes with Ms. Bailey

More and more play. Thank you CDL for being such a blessing to our family!

Me and Sam at the CDL Thanksgiving family dinner. Since daddy wasn't able to make it, I got to partake twice. I had lunch with Henry at 11:00 and dessert with Sam at 11:30. And I was rolling (literally) to the parking lot by noon.

Reading books with Ms. Sandy, who authored our purchase at Hastings last night - Halley the Sheepdog.

Ms. Sandy's book

Sam's first field trip!

And his very brave teachers.

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