Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas w/ the Shaws

The boys with their Papaw.

Watching Ice Age

My snuggle bug

Milk does Sam's body good. Our little bug goes through nearly two gallons each week! We should buy our own cow.

Uncle Garland lending a hand.

Henry checking on the donkeys, who were heehawing in the pasture.

I think Henry was a bit embarrassed when I made him wear Sam's Santa hat.

Sam didn't seem to mind.

A Toy Story dump truck! The only thing Sam loves more than Toy Story is Mickey Mouse. The dump truck was a huge hit.

Admiring his new treasure - the dump truck.

Another favorite - Little People Zoo. Sam was so excited that he showed everyone in the room.

Dragging it to show Daddy.

Finally got the zoo to Papaw. So proud of his new animals.

And more Thomas train! Mamaw and Papaw - we've been building tracks all over the living room floor since Christmas Eve. Henry has had so much fun "making GIANT tracks". Thanks for spoiling our boys rotten.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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