Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas w/ the Wards

Reflecting on Christmas I feel so incredibly blessed to be part of two wonderful families. We spent Friday and Christmas Eve with the Shaw family - Sid, Marcia, Garland, Carolina and Ricky. Ricky had grown another foot since the summer and towers over his mom and Marcia. He and Wade are nearly eye-to-eye. Uncle Bud and Aunt Jan also drove up Christmas Eve which was a special treat.

Then, Christmas Day was spent with my mom and dad, Ann and Omar. Grandmother Shirley and Phil came too, and Jodie, the boys' babysitter also stopped by that evening. It was a good day.

Headed downstairs to see what Santa brought. Hopefully Charlie, their Elf on the Shelf, told Santa good things...

Puzzled. Henry is still unsure of who Santa is exactly. Sometimes he said his elf, Charlie, was visiting Santa and other times it was Jesus. And I'm not sure how or who he thinks delivered the gifts. What I am sure of is this - I love these little boys with all my heart and it brings me great joy to surprise them with gifts on Christmas.

Santa brought Sam a dancing Mickey. Our little musician fell in love instantly. He and Mickey danced like rock stars all afternoon.

Still unsure of what to make of his new airplane and blue dinosaur. How did Santa know?

Santa surprised the boys with an old-fashioned slinky in their stocking. So fun!

Monster fingers and octopus tentacles were also found deep inside their stockings. Scary.

And more animals to play at the Little People zoo! That Santa is one smart cookie!

Since my sister found out she was having a girl, I've gone CRAZY. This is my chance to buy PINK. So, for Christmas, I bought Baby Girl Rosales something she needed, and several things she didn't...but who can resist a pink dress and polka-dotted tutu?!

One of my favorite gifts to give this year. I made both Papaw Shaw and Papa Ward blankets with the boys' pictures. A friend surprised our family with one of these last year and I knew it was something our sentimental grandpas would love. It was a hit.

Sam's new guitar from Aunt Ann. With the drums Henry got last year from Papa Bo, Sam's new guitar, and the keyboard we got for the boys, they could start a band.

Aunt Ann and Uncle Omar - Sam loves this. He wants you to come visit again soon so you can jam with him.

Mom surprised Dad (aka. Papa) w/ a Keurig. Now Ann and I don't have to drink decaffeinated, weak coffee when we go to Blackwell. Thank you, Mom. Truly, a gift to the entire family.

The polka-dotted tutu. Now she'll have a bit of orange and black in her closet.

And some pink.

What are you doing behind the tree, Sam? Breaking ornaments? The total number of ornaments Sam smashed this year = 10.

After gifts, we enjoyed a late breakfast, fully caffeinated, strong coffee and watching the boys play with their new toys.

Christmas 2011 was the first Christmas we hosted THE Christmas dinner. Everyone pitched in and everyone left the table full and satisfied.

The Meal:
Orange Sherbet Salad
Strawberry-Pretzel Salad
Relish tray - dill and homemade sweet pickles
Deviled Eggs
Green Bean Casserole
Mashed Potatoes
Homemade Cream Corn
Pork Tenderloin
Wheat Rolls

Chocolate Nice
Cherry Pie

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