Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Last doc visit before the big day!

We had our last doctor appointment today. Cesarean is still set for the 16th. Our doctor made me promise to call if my contractions get any worse (that's right...have been having contractions for awhile now), but I'm determined to make it. I promised the doc I'd call, got all the free goodies they give you on your last prenatal visit, and have an appointment with the Stillwater Fire Department today at noon. The Fire Department offers a great service to Stillwater moms - they have fire fighters certified in child safety that install car seats...and when they install your car seats, the things don't budge. Seriously...I don't know how they do it.

Less than eight days from now we'll be at the hospital! We can hardly wait to meet you, Peanut! You're going to have the best big brother in the whole world. We love you.

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bethany said...

1) I didn't get any free goodies! What'd you get?
2) I love that FD & PD install carseats... they make it so much safer!

Sending many happy thoughts and prayers your way!! Can't wait to see pics!