Sunday, June 27, 2010


Sam was surrounded by family and friends during our stay in the hospital last week...hard to believe it's already been one week.

One of Sam's first pictures

With Aunt Ann

Sam with Grandpa Shaw

With Grandma Ward

Henry checking out baby brother

His new Nemo sticker book was far more interesting

Taking a break between visitors

Sydni and Maxx

Sam with Candice, Henry's favorite nanny

Since we've been home, Sam has been back to the hospital for a weight check, which he passed with flying colors. I've been back to the hospital to have my staples removed...yikes! Didn't know I would have staples this time...last cesarean the doctor used glue. During surgery I heard the word "staple" and immediately got nervous about having them removed. I had 16 staples and I only felt one being, for any friends with staples in their future, have no fear. It was painless...the staples, not the surgery. Sam has also had his 1 week appointment with our pediatrician. Dr. Wilsey said "he is perfect". We go back this Wednesday just to be sure Sam is continuing to gain weight, but expect a good report. Sam's appetite has come to life the last few days and he's eating every 2 - 3 hours. Now, if we could just keep him awake during feedings...


Carissa said...

Look at those chunker cheeks! He is precious. I can't wait to take his pictures. :)

bethany said...

If you find out that magic trick to keeping them awake, let me know! I'm up nursing a little lady who is trying to fall asleep on me right now.

Peggy said...

He is so is Henry, I bet he will be a great big brother. Hope you all are doing good. Peggy