Monday, June 27, 2016

The James Ranch - Day 5

No, you didn't miss a day. Day 4 was spent perusing Durango and more swimming. And I opted not to tote my camera around as I was already carrying 18 pounds of baby.

Morning snuggles with Charlie. It just doesn't get much better.

The James Ranch. Nine hundred acres of farmland in the beautiful Animas River Valley. High altitude, irrigated pastures, crystal clear flowing water, 100% grass fed cattle, grazing Jersey milk cows, a spruce tree nursery, an organic vegetable and flower garden...and we got a personal tour (in a covered wagon) of the entire operation from Dave James himself.

The James Ranch patriarch, and our tour guide.

They even had chickens. And their chicken coop was on wheels. Very cool.

I could ranch hand here for a summer. You?

After the morning tour, we picnicked on the grounds and enjoyed a sampling of James beef and artisan cheese. Charlie enjoyed pureed organic apples.

The End.

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