Friday, June 24, 2016

Chickens and a Road Runner named George

We kicked off our Durango, Colorado family vacation last Saturday. Our first pit stop was Dumas, Texas to visit double cousins and the Stallwitz Ranch. And I'm not sure which was more thrilling for Henry and Sam - the chickens or meeting the Stallwitz family pet, George.

I've wanted chickens for ages...damn HOA covenants won't allow it. Spending the evening on the ranch convinced me it was time to move to the country. 

Meet George, the Stallwitz family pet.

Just a cowboy, his dog...and his pet road runner.

Oh, and Garrett...Sam is your #1 fan.

Every toy tractor since the beginning of time. AMAZING.

Even Charlie was amazed at the number of John Deere tractors.

Eyeballing the perfect location for the Stallwitz/Shaw camp out. Just imagine all the stars we'll see.

And while the men were at play with the cows, us girls gallivanted back to Poppy's room where we shared Coronas (only those 21 and older) and dreamed of all the fun we'll have raising our girls together.

What an incredibly blessed day we had with family. And it's only Day 1. Next stop, Durango!

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