Saturday, June 25, 2016

Our Family's First Sun Kink

We FINALLY made it to Durango...just in time to jump on a train to Silverton. Henry and Sam were beside themselves. Thank you, Papa Bo. You made two little boys very happy.

We let Papa tag along. The last time I rode this train with my dad I was in middle school (I think) special to experience it again with my kiddos, all these years later.

Thirty (plus) minutes to get out of Durango and to the countryside felt like an eternity for Sam.

I promised Henry that if we ever came back to Durango, I'd take him white water rafting. He made me pinkie swear. Rapids are a past time for most Durango-ites (Durangoans?).

Silverton. The ride and the views were wonderful...the heat was another story. We came to Colorado to escape the heat...turns out, we brought it with us.

Goodbye Silverton...until we meet again.

It was so hot in fact, that the track actually buckled from the heat and left us stranded approx. 10 miles north of Durango. Also known as a "sun kink." (You can read more about the event and extreme heat HERE.) Thankfully, a bus came to our rescue and we were home before dinner. And while we waited, the boys had fun being boys and collecting rocks of all kinds. Rocks thick with black soot I might add.

Love my charred-face boys to pieces...taller than the mountains, deeper than the ocean.

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