Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Birthday Wish

Earlier this month, Ann called to ask me when and what I wanted to do to celebrate my birthday. We all knew my birthday would be hard...with Mother's Day falling just two days before, and my birthday being the day Mom was diagnosed with cancer. Just three years's surreal to think about how different life was then...and how quickly things can change. We all thought we'd have more time.

Our munchkins, even if only for a few hours, helped us forget and enjoy the moment.

I opted for low key - a family picnic at the Botanic Garden. Unfortunately, our original plan for grilled cheese sandwiches and gelato from Blue Spruce fell through when we discovered Blue Spruce wasn't serving sandwiches during the summer. sandwiches during the summer. Torture. If you've had their Gardner Sandwich then you understand.

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