Monday, May 19, 2014

Field Trip to the OKC Zoo

Henry - Last month I met you and your kindergarten class in OKC for your first out-of-town field trip. It was also your first time to ride the bus. You were SO excited. Surprisingly, you stuck on me like glue the moment you saw me. I thought you'd want to follow your friends around all morning and afternoon, but you were more anxious to get me all to yourself. And you had an agenda - first the playgrounds, then the cheetahs, and it was most important that we see the seals. We ended our day with the seals.

It was a treat spending the day together, one I'll never forget.

I think you lasted all of 30 minutes before you were ready for a snack.

Even though we blazed our own trail, we did run into some of your classmates throughout the day...and you were gracious to stop long enough for a few photos.

Finally, the's now late May, and you're still talking about them.

I love you, Henry.

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