Monday, August 19, 2013

Tax Free Weekend

Ann called a week ago Saturday to make sure I knew it was Tax Free Weekend and to see if I was up for a little back-to-school shopping. Really, we were just overdue for some sister one-on-one time. Time with my sister? Time with my sweet niece? A special date with Henry? Shopping? Um, yes, please.

It took little to no arm pulling to convince Henry to tag along. I had to say one word - "Molly" - and Henry was high-tailing it to the car. The boy is in LOVE with his niece.

And I do believe the feeling is mutual.

Molly thought she'd found a new doll, but mom said NO and tried to explain this particular doll wasn't for sale and wouldn't fit in the car.

The girl likes her pink.
When Molly wanted to be held or carried, she didn't want me or her mom. She wanted Henry. And Henry gave it his best shot, eager to do whatever Molly asked.

The girl's got good taste!

We left Penn Square Mall with two new pairs of pants and a seven new fall shirts, all for less than $100. We found bargains and stayed within budget. Daddy was so proud.
Henry and I came home to find Sam, naked as a jaybird and waking up from his nap. These are my favorite Sam times...just after he wakes up and wants to cuddle and be held.

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