Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Day in the Life of Mom

Last week, OSU's Child Development Lab closed for the summer, and the school year doesn't start for another three weeks...we have a sitter coming next week (the boys can hardly wait to see you, Jill!), but Wade and I (and Mamaw and Papaw) were tag teaming this week. Friday was my full day at home. And I can't think of a better way to spend a vacation day than with my two favorite kiddos on the planet. Boy did we stay busy!

First item on the agenda was peach picking, although I did most of the picking. The boys were more interested in the grasshoppers than they were the peaches.

Next stop was Pops in Arcadia. Henry had a hankering for an O'Henry bar and chocolate milk! All that peach picking had made him thirsty.

And as much as I wanted an orange cream soda, I resisted. Maybe I'll treat myself next time. Darn you Fitness Pal and your calorie counting!

After quenching our thirst we gallivanted home for a light lunch and naps. Then it was time to get our ears lowered!
The BEFORE pictures

(Henry was WAY overdue.)

Sam was beside himself...he could actually see his cheddar bunnies again!

Entertaining Sam while waiting his turn...

Who knew such a handsome fella was hiding under all that hair?!

What a transformation! Although I am a bit partial to Henry's shaggy hair.

Next stop, Despicable Me 2.
Shenanigans during the pre-show.

After battling to keep my eyes open during the movie, I opted easy for dinner. Just a hop, skip and jump away was Blue Spruce. THE best sandwich known to man exists here. It's called the Gardner. If you haven't been introduced yet, you must. I'm convinced it's the best sandwich I've had. EVER. The boys are also big fans of their Old Timer Grilled Cheese and gelato.


After dinner we retreated home where we played "Birthday" until bedtime. During "Birthday", we take turns pretending it's our birthday. Henry and Sam sing Happy Birthday, we blow out pretend candles, cut and eat the pretend cake and open last year's Christmas gifts. It's one of our favorite games.

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