Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"The Wonderful Museum"

I do believe we have a future chef in the family. Perhaps he'll take over dinner duty on week nights when he gets older? Hey...a mom can dream, can't she?

If my dream should come true, I'll need to acquire an appetite for sushi between now and then.


After 30 minutes being Sous-Chef Henry, I coerced him to join me at the dairy farm.
Clearly, sushi was still on his mind...and the dairy cow, less than impressive.
Right or wrong, Sam wants to be just like his big brother. In this case, he wanted to make things smaller, not larger, just like brother.
Scaling Niagara

Fishing in the Nile

I think this is cheating???

Henry returned to the kitchen, while Sam developed engineering and physics techniques.

Our Sam is sometimes too smart for his own good. After struggling to do everything the older, taller kids were doing, Sam improvised by borrowing a foam block from the building area. It worked wonderfully until a Wondertorium staff caught him red handed.


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