Saturday, February 23, 2013


For the entire last year, Henry has had his heart set on playing soccer this spring. His uncle Omar has a love for soccer, and Henry has a love for Omar. In fact, Uncle O. has a professional Guatemalean soccer player in the family! Very cool. And, conveniently, Henry loves to run (non-stop), be outdoors, strategize, and well, kick things. Needless to say, I had already written the check to the YMCA for Henry's first spring soccer season.

Then...dun dun dun...I pick him up from school one day, and Henry starts talking about how he can't wait to play BASEBALL. What?! Where did this come from?! Henry goes on to beg and plead with me..."Mommy, I want to play soccer AND baseball. I NEED to play baseball. I LOVE baseball. But I LOVE soccer too. I NEED a glove so I can do this..." He then proceeds to pound his left fist into his right palm, like he were pounding a fist into an open glove.

So what's a mom to do but bite the bullet and sign him up for Wee Ball. Thankfully, soccer games are only played on Saturdays and there are no practices. Hallelujah. T-ball games, on the otherhand, are played on week nights...and I'm told there are week night practices.

And so it begins...although I've taken an oath to God and my husband that our lives will NEVER revolve around practice and games. In any event, it's bound to be a fun spring. Lots of evenings enjoying spring temperatures and being outdoors with family and friends.

I had to dig...REALLY dig...for a lefty glove for Henry. FINALLY, I found the last lefty glove in all of Stillwater. Of course, Papa had to one-up me and surprise Henry with a T-ball stand and bat. Everyone met in Stillwater for February birthdays and batting practice last weekend.

Teaching a lefty to bat is more difficult than expected.

While Henry was at bat, Molly practiced her driving as we hope she'll be making lots of trips to Stillwater this spring to watch Henry play.

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