Monday, February 25, 2013

Cardboard Static

I spent some of my Friday lunch pursuing Pinterest (I'm addicted) and got the clever idea to spend my evening creating the below slide with an empty furniture box sitting lonesome in the garage.

Pinned Image

While the idea was grand in scale, our slide was much less attractive than the Pinterest slide. And regardless of how hard I tried to stretch our cardboard box, I had trouble making it span the width of the stairs...but then, if it had, I'm not sure how we would have climbed to the top.

It was indeed an ugly slide, but looks were decieving. Poor Henry was the first to test the slide. I have no doubt he made it from top to bottom in less than half a second...and his bottom had the skid marks to prove how suddenly he stopped. It probably goes without saying, but Henry's first time down was also his last. Sam, on the other hand, would have gone down all night had we let him.

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