Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sweet Pickle Goodness

It seems fitting that on Day 1 of my diet, I write about food. I actually had these pictures downloaded weeks ago, but today, as I begin my sacrifice of all things sugar, felt the most appropriate time to publish my pickle post. Oh, sweet pickle goodness...

The weekend Wade and I returned from Yellowstone, I decided to start my last batch of Nana's sweet pickles. It's a nearly two week process, but something I enjoy...when the syrup doesn't boil over and scorch my stove top. Making pickles reminds me of my great grandmother, Nana, and my grandmother, Shirley. It's their recipe and it's divine. And yes, it will forever be a family secret.

Grandmother Shirley passed away shortly after I started this last batch of sweet pickles, so these jars are extra special.

At the suggestion of a friend, and after multiple pickle requests from colleagues and friends, I finally caved and began selling my pickles (or, Nana's pickles). In fact, less than one week after finishing my last batch, all were spoken for...minus the two jars Wade made me pinkie swear I'd keep for him. Albeit a bit strange to sell pickles, it became the best (and most affordable) solution to meeting the sweet pickle demand.

(Leslie...if you're reading this...I still have your jar sitting on my desk...I WILL get it to you.)

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