Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY Miniature Folding Chairs

So, one afternoon in our office, I mention to my colleague that I've been on the hunt for metal kid's chairs that need a makeover. My vision involved chairs like the following, all unique and in different colors, for the boys and their friends to use when picnicking on the back porch.

Vintage Metal Chair

Kids Chairs

Kids Chairs

Vintage Farmhouse Childs Metal Chair Stool by birdie1 eclectic kids chairs

Well, my coworker, ROCK STAR that she is, spotted two miniature folding chairs at her son's preschool garage sale one morning and snagged them for the bargain price of $3. She claims the heavens actually parted and angels began rejoicing the moment she saw them. I believe her.

Jordan not only surprised me that garage sale morning with two PERFECT medal specimen, but she inspired me to put my crafty hat on and actually create something. I accepted the challenge, invested an additional $4.49 in fabric at our beloved Hobby Lobby, and Ta-Da! ADORABLE chairs that are way too cute for the back porch. They now adorn our playroom and are already receiving oodles of love. Henry claimed the blue, and Sam the red.

Chair #1

The BEFORE cushion


Chair #2

Thank you, Jordan, craftiest girl I know, for pushing my creative limits.

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