Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A humdinger of a day

Ever had one of those days? Today is my humdinger day. I just got a call from the doctor's office. The results from the blood tests I had done on Monday weren't as glowing as we'd hoped. So, I'm going to be spending my day off this Thursday at the doctor's office doing more glucose screening. Curse gestational diabetes. And to make the day especially fun, and the glucose goo even more challenging, I get to try and keep the syrup down after taking additional iron supplements. I also learned today that Peanut is sucking the iron out of me and I need some more powerful supplements. So much for no nausea...but at least this explains the dizziness. (Pray I don't pass out during Ann's wedding on Saturday.)

Good news - we have a birth date/cesarean scheduled with the hospital. Assuming all goes well between now and then, Peanut will make his/her debut on June 16. That's less than three months away!

And for those of you I haven't seen in awhile, it appears we may have another two footer on the way!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there. This is going to be one tough Peanut when he/she gets here. All that iron is bound to make a strong baby! We will pray for Mom to stay strong too. Prop your feet up every once in a while and "breathe deep".
Love you, Becca

bethany said...

Hang in there friend! Sounds like peanut is one tough little baby!! I'll be praying for strength for you!

Brooke and Peter said...

oh boy - 2 feet? crazy! hang in there... sorry to hear about all the testing. can't wait to meet him/her very very soon!