Monday, August 3, 2009

Castle Rock

Last month, Henry took his first flight to Castle Rock, Colorado to visit his cousin, Ricky, and his aunt and uncle, Carolina and Garland. Henry had a smashing time and enjoyed every moment of his trip. He was particularly fond of Ricky’s backyard and the Denver Zoo. Sorry, OKC, you can’t hold a candle to the bears in Denver.

At 6 AM on the way to Tulsa International. It was an hour before Henry’s wake time, but he was all smiles.

Stretching his legs upon arrival in Castle Rock

Look, Grandpa! Henry's on a point!

The Denver Zoo

Lions and tigers (and cheetahs) and bears, oh my!

Someone needs a manicure…

Carolina likes to buy Henry costumes…she surprised him with chicken and cowboy outfits while we were visiting. We’re saving the cowboy costume for Halloween.

Flippers, huh…I wonder if they’ll fit?

Ricky actually got paid to pose for this picture. I think it must have been the hat he was uncomfortable with…

Our last night in Castle Rock - Wade, Ricky, Garland and Sparky

Henry and Daddy

Good bye, CO

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