Thursday, July 30, 2009

4th of July - Part 3 (of 3)

Henry’s first carousel at the OKC Zoo

He rode the bear…Grrr…

Does this face scream “IT’S HOT”, or what?!

We sought refuge in the bamboo

Henry and friends on safari

It was a matter of seconds from the time his head hit the pillow that Henry was fast asleep and snoring louder than Daddy.

After some refreshing eats at the Cheesecake Factory and another nap on the way home, Henry went to visit Stephanie and got his first hair cut.
I might add that Henry’s hair cut may have been a bit premature, but was necessary after I failed miserably at trimming his side burns. Henry had some longer hair growing out and over his ears (very attractive) and in an attempt to sharpen his image, I whacked a zigzag on the side of his head. It was, however, confirmed that not now, nor will I ever have a future in cosmetology.

Back at home, I spotted Henry in my pool hat…wondering if he might be embarrassed and rethinking his hair cut???

Fourth of July morning we were off…on our way to celebrate Independence Day with family in B-well. Henry was cheesing it up in the back seat.

Henry, where’s your nose?

Found it!

Two minutes after finding his nose…

Poolside at Grandma’s

Laughing with Grandma

Sporting his new backpack from Aunt Susan (Su Su)…a belated Christmas gift. Happy Christmas in July!

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Leesa said...

he is the most happy, beautiful baby boy I've seen. :)