Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jay Bird

Per prior blog, Henry loves to swim in the nude. Below are some of our favorites...

Moments before Henry's first swim, Daddy provided some last minute precautionary warnings -

1) Walk; don’t run in or around the pool facility
2) Spitting, spouting and nose-blowing in the pool is strictly prohibited.
3) Always wear your sunscreen.
4) Swimmers must be accompanied by a parent or responsible person at all times.

The second his toe hit the water, Henry was elated. There was no stopping him.

And as I've mentioned, it was from pool, to dirt, back to pool, back to what was now mud, and finally, to pool again.

We have since purchased swimmers diapers for Henry. After much consideration, we felt swimmers were probably more appropriate than his birthday suit if swimming in the front yard...and the front yard has grass and is mud free.

Henry chose the Nemo print

Geraniums - yum!

Wade's attempt to take a photo of me and Henry, if we could just work on focusing...

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Brooke and Peter said...

cutest pics ever!!!! it was SO great to see you guys!