Saturday, August 22, 2009

We've been busy!

This past month has flown time for blogging, hardly any time for pictures. However, I did manage to snap a few between our latest adventures...

Top Ten Latest Adventures:
1) Henry's first ear infection
2) Audrey's Pampa wedding
3) Henry started child care (otherwise known as daycare)
4) Henry started a different child care (details not blog appropriate)
5) The start of the fall semester at OSU (when things start to get crazy busy for me at work)
6) Henry visited the Stillwater Public Library, met a new friend (Morgan...hi, Morgan!) his first day, and checked out three books with his new library card
7) Henry learned how to sign a new word. He can sign "Please"! Such a polite little fella.
8) I was tested for H1N1 yesterday...test was negative...just a virus
9) I'm drawing a blank...must be the virus...make that our Top 8 Latest Adventures

Henry continues to grow like a weed, or better yet, our front yard, which is dire need of a mow. His hair is also growing and filling in...almost time for cut numero dos. In addition to hair and inches, Henry is also growing teeth. He's almost got a complete set of baby teeth now and likes to teeth on my forearms. Ouch! I explained to him that this is not a good way to make friends at his new school. So far, it's just me that he bites. How did I get so lucky? (insert sarcasm)

Henry LOVES to "talk" on daddy's old cell phone. If we're on the phone, so is Henry. He is Mr. Social.

Cheesing it up for the camera before school. Henry was super excited to try out a new sippy cup! Look, mom! No handles!!

One of Henry's favorite activities is bouncing on the bed. Suffice it to say, his favorite book right now is "Five Little Monkeys...Jumping on the Bed."

Another fun activity - climbing into the dishwasher. He opens, disassembles, and then climbs right in.

He learns something new EVERYDAY! By the time he's 18, our Henry is going to be a GENIUS! A few nights ago, Wade and I caught Henry turning his remote control car on and off...he has now located and figured out how to turn on ALL of his toys. Goodbye peace and QUIET.

Dressed and ready for school.

Hugs to Mr. Lamb before we leave for the day.

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Leesa said...

love the overalls!! Such a doll!