Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Henry's first road trip

Over Labor Day weekend, the Shaw family gallivanted to Castle Rock, CO to visit Cousin Ricky. Why didn't someone warn us about taking a four month old on a 26 hour road trip?! But Henry did well...just a few bouts of car seat aggravation and restlessness. The baby piano Aunt Carolina gave Henry was a life saver on our trip home. Wade and I will forever be singing about the "one silly cow, two pink pigs, three fluffy sheep, four kitty cats and five daffy ducks". Sort of reminded me of A Partridge in a Pear Tree.

We had a wonderful time in Castle Rock w/ Cousin Ricky. Ricky – Henry is already looking forward to seeing you again at Christmas! We stopped at Dumas on the way to Colorado, and at Pampa on our drive home. The pit stops were great…just what Henry needed. Everyone was able to stretch their legs and spend more time w/ family.

Fast asleep and on our way to Dumas

Showing off in our new dinosaur suit from Aunt Carolina

I love you, Cousin Ricky

Mom and Henry at Garden of the Gods, overlooking Pikes Peak...and Henry, having too much fun


Uncle Garland taught me how to stick out my tongue

Finally asleep in Pampa after a full day of driving

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Brooke and Peter said...

your child is seriously the cutest baby I have ever seen!!!!!!! i love him and am dying to meet him!