Tuesday, September 30, 2008

5 Months Old

We can hardly believe Henry had his 5 month birthday last Thursday...where has the time gone?! It seems like yesterday we were pouring over the Q&A's in "What to Expect the First Year".

While Wade was off enjoying a day of college football with Mick, Henry and I partied with the Class of '98 in Blackwell during Homecoming. Henry experienced his first parade, football game (albeit high school), and on Sunday night, his first helping of cereal. He was so pooped from the weekend, Henry slept until 7:30 Monday morning.

Grandma surprised Henry with his very own Blackwell jumperoo. Doesn't he look surprised?

Look at me! I'm jump, jump, jumperoo-ing!

Enjoying a book with Auntie Ann

Our friend Bonham and his Class of '98 mom, Kori

Relaxing on Grandma's back porch with family

Our first baseball cap

King Tut

How about this hat...does it make me look fat?

A Sunday morning snooze

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Brooke and Peter said...

ok seriously, michal? he can't get cuter and then he does! i am dying to meet Henry in person... he looks so huggable!