Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas Eve 2016

For as long as we've been together, Wade and I have spent Christmas Eve with the Shaws and Christmas Day with the Wards. This year was no different.

At the Shaws, a baby donkey was born the week before Christmas and it was impossible to peel Charlie from the window. If only we had a fence (and no HOA covenants), we'd know what to get Charlie for Christmas next year. Between the donkey and the cows, I'm not sure which made her squeal loudest.

Sitting on Uncle Garland's lap, looking for donkeys and squealing with glee.

We all enjoyed our time with the Shaws...we only wished the Texas half of the family lived closer so we could see them more often.
Last Christmas Eve night I was sitting alone in the ER receiving IV fluids while Wade was at home wrangling all three kids and playing Santa. I was in tears, terrified of missing Charlie's first Christmas. She was less than two months old. This Christmas Eve, while reflecting on last, I was overwhelmed by God's incredible blessings. This Christmas I was home, with three sleeping, healthy babies, an incredible, God-fearing husband and unspeakable joy.

And if health and sleeping babies weren't enough to make me giddy, I got to play Santa!
I'm not sure who was more excited about this kitchen, me or Charlie!?! In case it doesn't show...I LOVE having a GIRL!
(But boys are awesome too...and I wouldn't trade my boys for all the girls in the world.)

The most bizarre and impossible to find Christmas gift award goes to Sam this year. Believe it or not, Sam's #1 gift request was...drum roll...a squid hat. No. That's not a typo. A SQUID HAT. My six-year-old asked Santa for a squid hat. In case, like me, you're wondering just what in the world a squid hat is, I've included a picture. It's just like it sounds. And hey, they come in rainbow. Who knew?
Product Details
Thankfully, Santa finally found such a thing on Amazon the week of Christmas. Unfortunately, it didn't make it to Stillwater in time, but Santa left a note.
My favorite part of the note - "So many kids asked for squid hats..." Seems Wade's imagination is just as big as his offspring's.
Although Sam's squid hat didn't make it by Christmas morning, Santa didn't leave him empty handed. Between all his aunts, uncles and Santa, the boy has enough Legos to keep him busy until spring break!

Sam also asked for a lava lamp (yes, they still make these) and new sleeping bag for Christmas. Imagine this - Sam, tucked tightly into his new shiny green sleeping bag, wearing his rainbow squid hat, using his lava lamp for light as he assembles Legos until the wee hours of the morning. This is every day of Christmas break for Sam Shaw. 
And for our up-and-coming golfer, his first set of clubs. We've already had a couple of stern conversations about swinging and hitting balls away from the house...thinking we may need to start a window replacement fund ASAP.


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