Friday, January 6, 2017

Christmas Day 2016

Christmas morning in Stillwater.

What kid doesn't like Band-Aids?

Thank you Colgate. Because of your Ninja Turtle toothbrush, Sam finally finds brushing his teeth tolerable.

All we need is snow.

Practicing his snowboogie moves.

I think she likes her kitchen.

Her first baby doll.



After everyone went through their stockings, which ironically included new stockings, we thanked God for the gift of His son. This year we did something new with gifts, which I LOVED and plan on continuing from this point forward. Instead of overwhelming our tree with gifts, we opted to gift each kiddo with three presents. Three to represent the three wise men. For our family, it was perfect. We got to enjoy surprising and delighting Henry, Sam and Charlie, but also felt balanced and able to remember the day for what it truly is/was.

After enjoying a lazy Christmas morning at our home, we gallivanted to Papa Ward's in Edmond where we enjoyed the warm temperatures and spent much of the day outdoors.

Jack got a new car for Christmas. And Charlie liked it...and tried to claim it as her own. As soon as Jack left the room, Charlie made a bee line for his car.

The power struggle ensues.

Look at that grin. Jack clearly won the battle.

Love my sweet niece and nephew with all my heart.

While Jack went to the potty Charlie made her move...


Short sleeves at the fire pit on Christmas Day. Doesn't get much better.

Bath time. My blue-eyed albino and my sister's two Guatemalan babes.

Can't think of a better way to end the day than by the fire with my babies, good company and Cabernet.

The only thing missing was mom. Love you, mom.

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