Friday, October 24, 2014

I Never Saw Sasquatch

Mid-September I was blessed to visit the Pacific coast, in all its glory, while attending the 2014 Association of Donor Relations Professionals International Conference. I LOVE Seattle (and I'm not even into sea food) and was excited to get back to the Northwest. It could be the climate, the fresh sea air or beautiful mountain ranges...or all of the above. Seattle is wonderful. Period.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to explore half as much as I wanted to...crutches slowed me down...or, truth be told, the callouses under my arms made it impossible. But I was able to visit the Space Needle, something I hadn't done, watch a glorious sunset with wonderful friends, indulge in AMAZING food (and wine), spend quality time with friends and colleagues I rarely see, and revisit Public Market Center and the Green Tortoise Hostel - a fun college memory shared with one of my favorite persons on the planet (you know who you are).

When I wasn't conferencing or attending meetings, I was doing this...

View from atop the Space Needle

View from my hotel room. Sadly, me and my crutches never made it to Macys. We saved our energy (and armpits) for Public Market Center.

Public Market Center
(aka. Heaven)

Wouldn't we all be this happy if we were surrounded by this many flowers every day?!

And if the flowers and fresh produce and fish aren't enough to slap a smile on your face, there are cellos and stringed instruments to accompany you while you browse.

Green Tortoise Hostel

Goodbye Seattle...until we meet again.

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