Tuesday, November 1, 2011


On the eve of the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 I spent the evening packing my bags to board an airplane. Had I realized I would be flying on the 10-year anniversary of this dreadful day, I probably would have selected another day to fly.

Although security was on high alert (I had my first body scan) and I experienced more flying anxiety than normal, my plane landed safely in New Orleans the afternoon of 9/11/11. And a heavy sigh of relief was had by all.

The Association of Donor Relations (ADRP) International Conference attracted me and two co-workers to NOLA. It was my second time in the Crescent City. Both times for conferences, but this time I had friends with me. Abby, Andrew and I had a great time seeing all that was within walking distance of our hotels and adding inches to our waistline tasting all of the Cajun specialties. I must admit that I'm a meat and potatoes girl at heart, but it was fun trying some of the local favorites.

Our first night we ventured to Oceana for seafood grub.

I chose the Redfish Oceana. The signature dish. Yum, yum.

And this, my friends, is the whale of a fish. I couldn't even plow through half of what was on my plate, but it was delicious. Best Redfish Oceana I've ever had.

And for dessert, because I understand stuffing yourself is what you're supposed to do in New Orleans, it was beignets at the famous Café Du Monde. Or, make that powdered sugar with beignets on the side.

The powdered sugar madness

We attempted to walk off some of our white powder during a stroll around Jackson Square. Not sure it did any good.

And being in NOLA, what better restaurant to visit than Emeril's very own NOLA. Unfortunately, we learned Emeril has a number of restaurants in the area and the chances of us actually seeing him or enjoying a dish he'd prepared personally were slim to none.

For more highlights, visit Abby's blog.

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Thanks for the shout out, Michal! I'm famous now.