Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moving Day

It's 2:57 AM and I've finally conceded. I can't sleep. Too much on my mind. We're closing on our house(s) in less than 48 hours and I can't stop thinking of the many things left to box, tape, move, schedule, sign, you name it. In my former life (i.e. before motherhood), I was THE organization queen. It's been fun diving back into some of my former self. And I try not to think of all of the time I'm spending organizing and boxing just to simply unbox next week. I've moved from dorm room to apartment, from apartment to apartment, and from apartment to house. But this is my first house to house move. And, wow. We have a LOT of "stuff". Thank goodness I'm not a hoarder...I can only imagine how long it might take to sift through closets upon closets of treasures. And praise God we only have 1400 square feet to pack.

When I began boxing (over two months ago), I took my precious time wrapping every item and putting things in their appropriate box. Then taping and labeling so we'd know exactly where each box should go in our new home. Now...not so much. I'm cramming everything and anything into any hole, crevice, or soft spot I can find. I have no clue what's in some of our boxes. It may be a little like Christmas morning unpacking. Or, at least that's what I'm telling myself to make it seem less painful.

I look forward to capturing some of our move in pictures this weekend. No doubt our upcoming moving days will be full of emotion for me. I'm excited about making our new house a home, but it will be difficult leaving our current home. This was, after all, the first home I purchased. It was my "project" after Wade and I ended a year and a half long dating relationship. I thought our relationship would result in a marriage proposal (which of course, later it did), but there was obviously still much work to be done in both our hearts before that day would come. Several months after Wade and I broke up I purchased this home (December 2005) and threw myself into decorating and Hobby Lobby to take my mind off of him. (It didn't work.) Thankfully, it was only for a season and by August of 2006 I was planning our wedding. God is good. And His timing is perfect.

Then, eight short months after we married, I was pregnant with Henry. And then two years later, Sam. This was home during three of the most important days of my life. There are lots of memories here and moving will certainly be bittersweet. Not even to mention that we have the best neighbors anyone could ever ask for.

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