Monday, May 9, 2011

Jessica, Ashley, Katie, Jordan, Annie and Meg

Oh happy day! I FINALLY have my old point and shoot camera back. There is so much to catch up on since it's been missing - pictures of Sam with his girlfriends (i.e. nannies) on their last day, Henry's trip to the OKC zoo, horseback riding on campus, and Henry's 3rd birthday party. But because Sam is trying to scale my leg at this very moment, I will not attempt to update you on everything all at once.

Random morning shenanigans while getting ready for school

Miss Katie and Sam on Katie's last day

As you can plainly see, they were both heart broken

Same day. Different nanny. Miss Jordan and Sam on Jordan's last day. Jordan and Katie watched Sam on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They bid farewell the week prior to "Dead Week" (which is always anything but dead) to get ready for finals. We wish them both nothing but the very best.

Since Katie and Jordan have been gone, Jessica (one of our nannies from last semester) has come back to help out. What a blessing.

And finally, Annie, Ashley and Meg. The roommates. Ashley watched Sam last year, but due to an INSANE spring schedule, wasn't able to continue this spring. But fortunately for us, her roommates had heard a lot about Sam from Ashley during the fall and were interested in taking the reins on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Again, we were blessed. These girls, all three of them, have been AMAZING.

You know the saying - it takes a village to raise a child. Well, in our case, that village is six nannies - Jessica, Ashley, Katie, Jordan, Annie and Meg. Sam is quite the stud. Henry had only one nanny, Candice, who we also love dearly...needless to say, the past 10 months have been CRAZY. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. We got to know six wonderful ladies, who loved on Sam Monday - Friday from 8 - 5. And Sam got to stay home his first year. Now, in June, Sam will begin the CDL with big brother Henry. Ah, to have them both at the same wonderful place. Heaven.

P.S. Jessica, watch out. We still have three more weeks with you. I WILL get a picture of you and your baby bump with Sam!

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