Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Mom's Day

My wonderful inlaws from Cushing came to visit and celebrate Mother's Day and my birthday. So, here's to two mom's and turning 31...or 29 for the third time. I'm convinced 29 is the best age. You're old enough to be considered a young adult, but you're still young. Not that 31 isn't's just not as young as 29.

Papaw and Baby Sam

Mamaw and Baby Sam - the squirm

My beautiful Sam

And his dimple

Wrestling with Papaw

Unfortunately, we may have to put an end to Henry's wrestling least for awhile. I understand from our babysitters and his teachers that Henry is beginning to practice his moves on Sam and some of his pals. Not good.

Move over Beethoven

Hanging on to Papaw's every word

Three years old and still making the same "cheese" face

His cheese at 11 months old

Sam was tuckered after an evening of fun. He found a pillow on the floor and hit it. Fast.

In Papaw's arms

Henry was less than cooperative during family picture time

What a turkey!

Wade and his mom on Mother's Day

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