Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Botanical Heaven

The weekend prior to Thanksgiving, the Shaw family spent some time with the McCoy's at OSU's botanical gardens. Candice, who was Henry's nanny his first year of life, captured some great family memories. Thank you, Candice!

Candice is dabbling in photography and claims to be "just practicing", but if you ask me, these look like they were taken by a pro! Among her picture taking talents, Candice is also an exquisite health food connoisseur, English/grammar extraordinar, and like her husband, is a creative genius...she actually hand-made their Christmas cards last year! My head hurts just thinking about it...seriously, I recently spent two hours making a greeting card for one of Henry's school projects. Yes, homework has already started...only this particular assignment was for parents. I had to make a bird out of Henry's hand prints, buttons and scrap paper, and then glue the bird to a greeting card. It was for a fund raiser for the school...poor Henry, no one is going to buy the ugly card that I made. Good thing he's too young to know how embarrassed he should be! I should have called Candice. Now THAT would have been a card!


Carissa said...

The pics look awesome! She is quite the little photographer. Of course, if is also difficult to take a bad picture of such adorable boys! :)

bethany said...

These are beautiful!!!