Friday, May 2, 2008

Welcome Henry Ward Shaw

Friday, April 25 at 10:54 am Henry Ward Shaw made his debut. Henry weighed 8 lbs. and 15 oz. He was 24 inches long! Perhaps a Stillwater Medical Center record?! Everyone in Labor and Delivery was buzzing about "the 24 inch baby". We checked into the hospital Friday morning and were released with a clean bill of health on Monday afternoon. It's good to have Henry home and in our arms...and hard to believe we've already celebrated his one week birthday!

Henry's Birthday

Henry w/ Daddy Henry's "I'm hungry" face

Homecoming Day

Relaxing at Home


Ashlee , JT. Soph, Shiloh, and Baby Tollett said...

Henry is so cute! I think he looks like you a little...some of his expressions =)

The Barnyard's said...

He is SO sweet Michal!! Congratulations!! Boys are a ton of fun! I think you may have a basketball player on your hands!! It's amazing that he was 24 inches long when he was born! What a stud!! River is a little over 25 inches and he's almost 5 months. :) I hope I get to see you and Henry at Ash's baby shower in June!! Blessing's to your growing family!

kriskross said...

I'm so excited for you!! Can't wait to see Henry. I'll definitely call you next time i'm in Stilly. yay!!!

Kori Eslick said...

Yay he's here!!!!!! Congrats Mama!!!! Bonham may have beat Henry on the weight, but Henry won the length contest (Bonham was 23 3/4)! I think Henry may look like his mommy a little! He's so cute, can't wait to meet him!

Brooke & Peter said...

oh my goodness... he is the BEST LOOKING BABY i have ever seen. seriously, adorable... SO Happy for you and I cannot wait to meet him. he is perfect.