Thursday, April 24, 2008

Henry has a birth date!

Henry and I saw Dr. Goldsworthy yesterday. The news was bitter sweet. Good news - Henry will make his debut tomorrow, April 25. Not so good news - I am scheduled for a c-section. Dr. Goldsworthy is concerned about Henry's size and possible complications during delivery. When I told her we wanted to do whatever was best for the baby, she said without hesitation - "a c-section". I'm confident we're doing the right thing, but will admit I feel some disappointment. I was hopeful we could have a natural delivery, but realize surgery is the best way to ensure Henry is healthy - the most important thing. Regardless, Wade and I are going to be parents in less than 24 hours!

What's ironic about this whole ordeal is that for the past week I've been doing EVERYTHING to try and move labor along...I've been walking (sometimes twice) every day, working in the yard, mopping floors, you name it! Now, since our appointment yesterday, I'm working to STAY pregnant until our c-section. If active labor happens before tomorrow morning we'll be having an emergency c-section, which defeats the point of scheduling the darn thing.

Pictures of Henry soon to come!

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Brooke & Peter said...

i am thinking of you all right now and all day...
Can't wait to hear about it all and meet Henry!