Monday, June 15, 2015

Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

The last leg of our trip included a long drive along the coastline and a two night stay in Bar Harbor, Maine, which is just outside Acadia National Park. It rained two of the three days we were there, but it was still beautiful...and our hotel, Bar Harbor Inn, was only feet from the water. We treated ourselves to a private balcony and slept with the doors open every night so we could hear the waves. I could have sat on our balcony for the entire three days and been perfectly content.
Our drive up the coast from Portsmouth - Coastal Highway 1

Two chairs and an ocean view...quite a backyard

Bar Harbor and Acadia NP

A drive through the clouds

From our hotel balcony


What undergrowth looks like in Maine

Sand Beach

Thunder Hole

Wild Gardens of Acadia


Atop Cadillac Mountain - the tallest mountain in Acadia NP, and the tallest peak along the eastern U.S. coastline. The original plan was to make it to the top before sunrise, but the rain interfered.


It was a wonderful vacation and long overdue. It was the first trip Wade and I had taken, just the two of us, since Yellowstone in 2012. Next adventure - Alaska in 2017...let the planning commence!



Loving Life by Leesa said...

So Beautiful! So glad y'all got to go!! I laughed when I saw your bridge pic! I took the same pic too! Gah, I really want to go back now!

Timothy Coffman said...

I have Orville Reim's Hunting Licence from 1934 that I found in the stock of an old shot gun. The gun also has his name painted under the butt pad. I would like give the licence it to a relative, as it is family history. The shot gun is part of my family history too... Not wanting to part with it.