Monday, September 1, 2014

A Gaggle of Boys

On the eve of my vacation week, our dear friends invited us and the boys out to meet their new foal. It was a trip we'd been intending to make for nearly a month as the colt was now one month old.

The evening started with the Hanzlicek boys, William and (baby) Alex, and Henry and Sam. Skip, skip, skip to my lou...just being together made the trip entirely worth it.

If only you could have heard their squeals.

One of my favorites...Sam thought if he opened his mouth wide enough, the colt would do the same.

We hadn't been there long when the Wilborn boys was their colt, afterall. And they have been so generous to share him. We were now up to six boys, all age 6 and under.

The four who agreed to have their picture taken...although William wondered if he'd made the right decision...

The colt has spunk.

Not hard to see who he belongs to.

Riding high.

Between rides, the gaggle of boys (our numbers had increased to at least eight by now) killed time jumping on hay bales.

Sam's last ride...Turning Point Ranch, HERE WE COME!

First thought - Christmas Story..."you'll shoot your eye out"

A picture is worth a thousand words...seriously, folks...100% boy...each one of them.

Arrgh matey!

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