Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lizard Man and Godzilla Sam

A couple of weeks ago, Henry and Sam attended THE birthday party of the year - and every year this party seems to outdo the last...just when you thought it couldn't be done. Seriously. This mom (you know who you are, Carmen) deserves a medal for her parties.

Superhero Training was the theme. And Super Sonic Drew was who we celebrated.

Superheroine and Mom of the Year
Each friend got to pick their special Superhero name, super power, cape and costume colors. It shouldn't surprise you that Henry came up with a new Superhero and declared himself LIZARD MAN for the day. He even requested that in lieu of an 'H' on the back of his cape, he'd like an 'L' for his real Superhero name.
Our LIZARD MAN in the flesh.
Striking his pose. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Superhero William, who was slightly more intense than Lizard Man. He took his job very seriously.

Relaxing between Superhero training sessions.

Super Sonic Drew giving the group a pep talk before taking on the obstacle course.

Cheering their Superhero teammates on! Go TEAM SUPERHEROS!
The cutest pumpkin in the patch.

The obstacle course involved many challenges...these were just a few...

The last challenge involved rescuing Raggedy Ann from the burning building, which was complete with red and yellow flames.

I'm proud to report that each superhero completed the course and saved Raggedy Ann from the inferno.


The next hero training involved LASERS and a punch bowl full of super powered ring pops.
File:Ponchera real espaƱola (M.A.N. 58673) 01.jpg

The Laser Maze took it's toll on GODZILLA SAM. He was pooped.

Cupcakes in Superhero cups

Power Pellets. Otherwise known as M&M's.

Holy Cheese & Crackers Batman!
The spread...needless to say, our superheros didn't leave hungry.



Another Superhero Mom (who's going to kill me when she sees this).
WHAM! Pinata Time!

And no Superhero Party is complete without Superhero Dancing! Super Sonic Drew won this dance off. Hands down.

Even Godzilla Sam pulled out his dance moves.

Best Friends
Happy Birthday, Drew!

Godzilla Sam decided to give the lasers one last go. Unfortunately for him, it didn't work out as he'd hoped. It was, however, extremely entertaining for the onlookers.

Thank you again, Carmen, for creating such a special day and memory for our miniatures. Lizard Man and Godzilla Sam are still talking about it and will be for months to come.

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