Saturday, March 2, 2013


During the 2013 "blizzard", in anticipation of school and work being cancelled and the possibility of actually sleeping in, the boys decided to play musical beds. Of course they did.

Sam crawled in bed with me early into the night...and because Wade and Henry had camped out in the play room, I didn't bother to coerce Sam into going back to his own bed. We snuggled and snored until about 5 AM when Henry decided he'd had enough carpet and wanted to join us in bed. Unfortunately, Henry's snore is 10x louder than mine and Sam's, so sleep for the two of us with clear nasal passages, was OVER. And since we were up, Sam and I decided to have a quick bite for breakfast and then take advantage of the measly 1 - 2 inches of snow before it melted. And mind you, these were 1 - 2 inch drifts. This blizzard was a bust in Stillwater.


It didn't take Henry long to get bundled up and outside once he wakened and learned there was snow on the ground.

Love the snow boots, Henry

Where's Henry?

We didn't have a sled and so...we improvised.
First with the boys' Little Tikes picnic table.

Then, with the lid to a plastic storage tub.

Was the problem our sled, or the grass?

Plastic storage tub lid #2. We were determined.

Still no luck. Our backyard hills still only had foot sled tracks yet.

Low and behold, the blizzard blew an eye ball into the yard. Hope no one is missing an eye?

Aye, aye, captain! Or, after our find, perhaps 'EYE, EYE, captain' would be more appropriate.

We finally got desperate and went to Lowe's to purchase a real sled. Sigh.

Finally. Sled tracks.


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