Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Trip to the Zoo

One of our many adventures during winter break was a trip to the Oklahoma City Zoo. Typically, a trip to the zoo lasts all of two hours. But today was an exception. I had to practically drag the boys to the car after exploring every animal in every zoo corner for over four hours. We even hit the play grounds and petting zoo.

Taking a gander at the lions

Sweet kisses from brother bear

Anyone home?

Getting excited while watching brother climb on the bronze elephants

His acrobatic skills are unbelievable!

Now for the real deal

This leopard was much too interested in Sam. Yes, there was a measly chain-link fence between us and the leopard, but this kitty looked determined.

Notice his interest...

The stare continues...

The stare gets increasingly intense as Mr. Kitty raises his head and begins to lick his lips

Here fishy, fishy, fishy

Henry wanted a closer look at the ducks

Depositing his pretend quarter

Wondering how the ducks suddenly relocated so far away

The birds invaded our stroller and it took quite awhile for us to coax them out. Apparently Sam had dropped some Cheerios. The Australian parakeets were big fans. They must not have Cheerios in Australia.

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Madison said...

Haha thats the bird that attacked me in Australia the other day!! I thought it was someones poor pet that got out of its cage...then I saw 7 more and felt like an idiot!