Friday, December 30, 2011

An uber masculine kitchen

Okay, so I feel guilty considering opening a gift a Christmas highlight, but it was so much fun watching our boys open this gift. They were on cloud nine and opening it definitely put them in the Christmas spirit. Although for awhile I think they enjoyed the box as much as they did the kitchen.

The anticipation was HUGE. Sam wasn't quite sure what to think of a package twice his size. He was definitely going to need big brother to help open.

They circled it several times before they were brave enough to begin tearing paper.

This gift was also the cause for great debate this Christmas. Papaw and Daddy weren't quite sure they wanted their bug squashing boys playing with a kitchen. Actually, they were quite certain they did NOT want their boys playing with a kitchen. It didn't matter how much, or how often I tried to convince them of the masculinity of this particular kitchen, they were not going to be fans. Period.

Despite the kitchen being BLUE, there being a BOY on the cover of the box (see green shirt on box), or the number of famous manly chefs on the Food didn't matter.

Once they got started, it didn't take long

It looks like a kitchen...

It feels like a kitchen...

It smells like a kitchen...(see boy in green shirt on box)


My little chef

And, the phone...Sam's favorite kitchen feature

And let us not forget the box!

My famous last words...look how happy your little chefs are, Papaw and Daddy. Now, aren't you glad you gave in and bought them a kitchen. And for peace of mind, below are some famous male chefs, who are not only burly men, but also make quite a good living in the kitchen. Cheers.

Moms - If your little man has a kitchen, please, PLEASE speak up. Leave your comments for Henry and Sam's Daddy so he can see how many other blue kitchens exist in our circle of friends/readers.

Bobby Flay

Guy Fieri

Michael Symon

Just check out the rugged good looks of Sam Talbot , No. 1 on this list. Bravo, indeed.
Sam Talbot

An Aussie with surfer-boy looks, Curtis Stone easily takes the No. 2 slot.
Curtis Stone

No. 3: Rocco DiSpirito is one spicy Italian.
Rocco DiSpirito

Michael Voltaggio takes the No. 5 slot...but has to share it with brother Bryan.
Johnny Iuzzini

Aaron Sanchez

Chef Emeril Lagasse


grace said...

I actually got Stran my nephew a kitchen! It was a wooden one from Bed, Bath, Beyond. He's about 19 months and loves to cook.

Jordan Ihrig said...

Got jack a kitchen this Christmas! He loves it!!! It sits right by his new tool bench too. A "Jack of all trades". :) I held off on the girly cupcake decorating sets and got him grill gear, food, and chopping stuff. Drew cooks all the time so he was ok with it! Maybe we will have an iron chef play date soon?