Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Break Adventures

Because the girls that stay with Sam were out of town enjoying their Christmas break until today, I was FORCED to take a few days off to watch my boys. Although we hardly left the house, we stayed busy building Lego towers, laying train tracks, enjoying tummy time while reading books, napping, and tickling and laughing until our sides ached. And in between all of that fun, we actually squeezed in some laundry and baths. They were sweet, sweet days.

Sam helping me with laundry...have you ever seen a child so eager to help mom with chores?!

Finally old enough to bathe together...and now Henry asks for "Baby Sam" to join him every time I run the bath water

Do you think Dr. Oz would approve of my waist circumference?

Henry at six months...can you tell they're brothers?

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